added by cyherus Jul 6, 2017 in Installation
If I raise a question, can I (as admin) move it to a FAQ or I have to make a new entry in FAQ?
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by sofian

You can pull any question to FAQ simply by:

1) Clicking add entry

2) Typing '/' then start searching for the question

3) Click the question and it's done   

4) Click 'Edit' then 'unlist' to cancel pulling a question to FAQs or 'delete' to remove it altogether from FAQs and all questions

Ps: Once a question is pulled to FAQs, you can change its order by dragging it from the two dashes button 

Hope this helps    

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Awesome! thank you!
Jul 6, 2017
I'm sorry that I have to report that this is not working :-(

I will log another question for thise for proper tracking.
Jul 6, 2017
no worries just let me know what question are you trying to pull, we'll look into that
Jul 6, 2017
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