1) In-app FAQs widget integration with Intercom chat's widget

Repeating the same answers on a chat sucks also does leaving a customer without answers because of time-zone differences. Haash-Intercom integration makes the frequently asked questions and the entire help available to visitors right before they start a new chat so users can find instant help on their own, especially when you’re not there.

Click the Intercom widget to see how it works


1) Sign up and build your FAQs with Haash
2) Go to Haash Admin > integrations 
3) Click "FAQs In-App widget"
5) Copy and past the script on pages where Intercom widget is installed.

2) Generating FAQs out of Intercom conversations

In attempt to make FAQs creating even more easier, we analyse your Intercom conversations and extract FAQs for you. Yay!

How it works

1) You sign in to Haash and add your Intercom API reading crendials (Key and secret):
- Go to the admin panel in Haash Admin > Integrations > Auto-generate Haash FAQs out of Intercom support
2) We'll start the analysis process that take up to 72h and create the FAQs for you.
3) Once created you'll be notified to edit the FAQs and publish.
4) That's it!