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Easily add sections. Create questions and answer them on the fly. Drag and drop and move things around. Edit everything in a flash.

Easy to search & navigate

Help visitors quick jump between help topics and find everything with lightning-fast search.

A built-in Q&A engine for community support

We all google search answers before heading to customer support. Get your users questions answered publicly and let the world find these answers in a fraction of a second. Watch your customer support load massively decrease overtime.


A space to seamlessly publish and crowdsource tutorials.

A space to seamlessly publish product's tutorials and invite anybody to contribute with theirs.

A modular approach

Pick only what you need:

  • FAQs
  • Questions
  • Tutorials

Brand friendly with few clicks

* Change color

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* Change URL

Accessible everywhere

In app widget

Dispaly FAQs right inside your webapp.

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